Weird Places for Cold Sores

So we all know that Cold Sores can be easily located on your lips or inside your mouth right? However, most may not know that you can get the sores in other strange places as well. While most core sores reoccur in the same place, you’ll sometimes get one in a different location. If they aren’t appearing on, in or around your mouth, you may get them on your chin, your chin, or even on or in your nose. While these sound extraordinarily unappealing, you’ve gotta remember what cold sores are.

Because the virus sits in your nerves, it affects skin cells that are regenerating. You’ve got cells that regenerate all over your face. So it really isn’t too far out of the mindset that a sore may pop up in a different area. So if you have reoccurring¬†cold sores and one pops up inside your nose, don’t panic, it’ll go away just like every other one has, just give it time.

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