Warning Signs a Cold Sore is Coming On

Obviously, it’s not like you just wake up in the morning, and suddenly you have a cold sore. Like everything else, it’s obvious to know that cold sores have warning signs to them. Sometimes symptoms are quite subtle, but even at this point, you can still tell when they’re coming on. But what exactly precedes a cold sore? What happens exactly?

Well likely, the symptoms of cold sores are going to be quite common, things you’ll feel every time it pops up. The most common of the symptoms is soreness, during the entire life of the sore, you’ll have soreness in that area, but there’s more.

Often times you’ll have a few symptoms in tandem. You’ll encounter Fevers, a Sore throat, may encounter swollen lymph nodes in your neck and more. If you child is young and has one, they might also encounter drooling as well. But search for these indicators, as you might just have a cold sore popping up.

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