The Unfortunate News About Cold Sores

Cold sores are incredibly common, many people have them, many people don’t. But with the fact that they vanish so often, it can be easy to assume that you’re curing them over and over as they vanish. Unfortunately that is not the case. As we know, Cold Sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus.

Unfortunately the herpes virus is built is such a way that we haven’t currently figure out how to be rid of it yet. So once you get a cold sore, that means you’ve got the virus for life. Which can be pretty frustrating. Cold Sores aren’t singular events, they’re the same virus getting inflamed over and over again.

There is however good news that comes out of that. Cold Sores are incredibly common, it’s estimated that 85% of adults house the virus. This means that there’s nothing wrong with having them. In fact, that means that we have a lot more incentive to work towards a cure!

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