Cold Sores VS Canker Sores

What is the difference between Cold Sores and Canker Sores? It’s quite vital to know the differences as one is highly contagious and the other is a minor issue that can be annoying but dealt with, with no real issue. Cold Sores obviously, are on the outside of the mouth. It’s similar to a puss filled blister on the outside of your mouth, whereas a canker sore happens to be inside of your mouth. That in and of itself is the first difference.

The second is the cause, Cold Sores are caused by the Herpes Virus, something that can’t be cured. A Canker Sore is relatively simple to understand. You know how sometimes you get a cold because you’re just tired? A Canker Sore can happen the same way. Prevention and Treatments are also quite different, but nevertheless both are handled quite simply. If you’d like to see all the differences, click here!


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