A Surprising Treatment for Cold Sores

Back in March of 2015, and article popped up on prevention.com. Prevention is a website and magazine based around the idea of healthy living and preventing conditions when possible. The article in question introduced a new possible prevention and cure for cold sores.

This tablet, called Sitavig, is smaller then an M&M and sticks just below the incisor tooth of where you feel the cold sore developing. The saliva carries the drug inside that tablet, called acyclovir down to the spot where you feel the tingling and allows it to get to work immediately. Essentially, what it does is that it slows the building of the virus to the point where it stunts it. So it’s not exactly a cure, it’s a prevention method.

However, this solution needs to be applied as SOON as you feel the tingling of a cold sore. The instructions say 1-6 hours within feeling the first tinglings of a cold sore coming on! This preventative measure may be a rushed option, but considering it’s a potentially game changing solution, it’s definitely worth a shot.


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