A Surprising Remedy for Cold Sore

There’s a solid way to help out with the life of cold sores. It’s remarkably easy as well. In fact it’s so easy, that it’s almost guaranteed to be in your house right now! What’s is this cure?


Now before you just run away, Ice works remarkably well to help reduce swelling. It’s regularly used to help ease bruises and scrapes, as it also helps the blood coagulate quicker. Using an ice pack and pressing it against your face helps numb the pain that can come along with Cold Sores as well.

Now Ice isn’t going to cure it, but when used in conjunction with other creams and such, it can add an edge that your cold sores won’t be expecting. Plus it’s cheap, just fill a bag with water, throw it in the freezer for like and hour and presto! You’ve got yourself an ice pack.

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